Moving Antiques With More Care And Ease

It is the most complicated task to move the antiques and delicate items from one place to another. There is high risk associated with moving those items. Many times great sentimental values are attached with the antique or precious items which cannot be compared with the price of the items so the people need to hire the services of the professional Moving companies Florida. They are the ones who have trained staff to handle the moves of these kinds of items with more ease.

Things to know for moving the antique furniture

Antique movingIt is really vital for the Moving companies Florida to know how to move the antiques with care and security.  If Moving companies Florida do not know the way to care and move the antiques, it is sure that the damage will occur. Before planning to move, the antiques are required to be properly packed in the boxes or packing material to provide extra safety to it. If the antiques are heavy then atleast 4-5 people should be there to lift them and properly arrange in the moving truck. Bubble sheet, foam wrap, cardboard, shrink wrap and mover’s blankets should be used for packing or covering the antiques before moving.

Packaging of the antique furniture

Even a little bit of negligence from Moving companies Weston Florida can add on the cost of the furniture and spoil its appearance. While moving the furniture, there is higher risk of chipping off the paint, scratches on the corners of the furniture, breakage and possibility that it gets damaged due to the moisture trap. Dryness can also cause the antique furniture to dry out and make it to become loose. Thus, special care is required for moving the antique furniture. Florida Moving companies ensure that the antiques furniture is properly wrapped in the woolen cloth or with plastic and foam to prevent it from any kind of damage. Moving companies Florida ensures that in the crate, the furniture is tied properly so that it doesn’t move from its place while transporting.

When the antique furniture is packed for a move by Moving companies Florida, the packaging should start from top and then the whole body is required to be draped with more covers or pads. Enough padding should be used to drape around the legs. Furniture with no legs should be packed from the bottom so that every part of the furniture is covered in a single padding. Some of the antique furniture is too delicate to be heavily padded so they are required to be lightly packed and it should be focused more while moving.

Plastic sealing tape should be used to seal the packing or padding of the antique furniture. It should be ensured that the sticky side of the tape should not touch to the finishing of the antique furniture as it can remove the paint or coatings over the furniture.

Planning to move the antique furniture

After you have packed the antique furniture, Moving companies Florida check how it will be moved and taken to the moving vehicle. If there are stairs then a slider can be used to slide down the furniture with more ease and without damaging it.

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